At the beginning of 2019 I set off on an 8 week show tour of the USA & Canada with visionary dance production Murphy's Celtic Legacy. The tour took us to 19 US states and 6 cities in Canada, seeing 28 shows in largely 1000+ seater theatres, many of which sold out, and all of which received incredible standing ovations.​​​​​​​ To have worked with the show since its infancy, it feels amazing to see it reach this level, and to be on board every step of the way.
The first half of the tour I spent capturing photography and video, until not long after we'd managed to squeeze in a trip to Niagara Falls, the show's production manager (Ben Rogers of Ardent CP) was due to leave the tour, and I took over over the reigns.
Lighting, staging, tech, playback, cueing and merch all fell into my lap, but with solid guidance from Ben and great in-house teams at all the venues, I took the second half of the tour at full force, and from load-in to load-out we knocked out a top class show every night, which had audiences up on their feet when they weren't too busy tapping along.
Here's a few images of the show taken from the first half of the tour
We racked up thousands of miles in a single tour bus, and saw a whole load of amazing places along the way
Here's a few snaps I managed to capture of the incredible journey across America
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