Video still from drone footage shot in the exclusion zone

Spent two full days in the Chernobyl exclusion zone right in the middle of the 2020 lockdown with Endem; almost the only people in the whole area at the time, we stayed the night, and shot a series of music videos around this unbelievable location.
Words can't really describe the eerie feeling of being there, the other-worldly sights you find around every corner, not to mention the chance of walking into a radioactive hotspot at any moment (especially if you really go deep). A deserted city, frozen in time - the overgrown post apocalyptic aesthetic of Chernobyl is like nowhere else out there. Every frame of these videos is full of stories, some in locations you might recognise, and others in places we definitely shouldn't have been...
I also produced, recorded, mixed & mastered each of the tracks below, which were released as part of a full album project, the cover of which features an image shot in an abandoned swimming pool in Pripyat
Endem - Faith
Endem - Radio Active
Endem - Levels
A.R.P. Album Artwork
Photography & Design
The location we took the above shot...
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