Got to be a key part of the creative process for Global Underground's 42nd City Series release focusing on Berlin, featuring none other than Patrice Bäumel as the master of the mix.
This meant flying out to the city with the team and exploring alongside them, capturing footage of everything we experienced, and documenting the album photoshoot, all to edit into a short film about the release, Patrice's process, and his thoughts on Berlin's amazing culture.
I also got to edit and retouch all of the photographs from the shoot, both portraits of Patrice himself as well as many taken all around the city to capture its unique culture and architecture. These were then used as the album cover and in the marketing campaign, but also to create a beautiful glossy travelogue for the deluxe edition, containing prints of all the best.
The images were all taken by the fantastic Dean Belcher, who has been with Global Underground for a long time, and been an integral part of crafting their visual style, which combines music culture with social documentary.
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