W A T E R - Music video & mini-documentary for Nadedja.
The song explores themes of living abroad, and of "Saudade"; both the challenges, and the opportunities; the things you miss, and the things you gain along the way
We gathered together some really inspiring people from all over the world, living here in the North East to talk a bit about how they feel, and came up with something really special.
It's a vital topic, especially here in the mid-Brexit era, and there are messages which need to be heard. Both to provide comfort and solidarity to any out there affected by these issues, and also to help show others that there are two sides to every story.
Also there's just loads of pretty footage of water and birds and stuff, so even just watch it for that x

A huge thanks to Nadedja LA for getting me involved in this, not to mention writing such a lovely song and coming up with this idea to begin with. It was a real privilege to work on, and I'm proud of what we've created.

To Elizabeth, Bea & B. for giving up their time to share their amazing stories on camera (and for being lovely people in general)

To Adam Leal Alderson for driving us up to St. Mary's Lighthouse to film, and carrying all of our shit as the three of us scrambled over jagged slippery rocks (and I got chased away by a mob of seven people for endangering seals)

And of course to Ben's office chair, for playing such a prominent supporting role.

Give this video your time and love everyone; let it start a few conversations. If you wanna hear Nadedja and I talk a bit more about it, we'll actually be on Rianne's BBC Music Introducing on Radio Tees tonight to do just that, plus she'll be performing a few acoustic tracks, so tune in!!
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